The Missing Ingredient in Most Job Interviews

The Missing Ingredient in Most Job Interviews

Recruiting top candidates for IT jobs takes a targeted approach. Interviews should feature your company’s culture and what you have to offer the candidate. Most candidates want to know more about the personality of your organization before they accept an offer. Here we will talk about the missing ingredient in most job interviews and how you can integrate this into your interviews to enhance your ability to retain great talent.

Understand Your Culture First

First, focus on understanding your culture, then you can move on to cultivating and maintaining it. If you’re struggling to find the best candidates, then you might already be suffering from a limited company culture. Take some time to review your work environment, company mission, values, ethics, expectations and goals by becoming an impartial observer of the overall culture of your organization. Here are some questions to consider while you’re observing your employees:

  • How do they interact with each other?
  • What is being done to resolve conflicts?
  • How do managers relate to their employees?
  • Do workers seem engaged or withdrawn?

Another effective strategy that can be used to learn more about your culture is by using written surveys. You can choose a standard off-the-shelf survey, or custom design one that is more relevant to your organization. This way you can anonymous direct feedback from current employees.

Have Cultural Ambassadors in the Interview

Building a team of brand ambassadors is important for the long-term success of any company. But they can also be invaluable resources during the interview process that some leaders forget to include. If a candidate is being recruited by multiple organizations, then having some engaged employees from your organization share their passion for your brand could be the link that you’ve been missing.

Sell Your Brand

Improving the candidate experience is the first step to selling your brand to prospective employees, and improving it starts with individualizing the interview process for each candidate. Hiring managers have much higher success rates when they are able to learn the things that each of their candidates value. Then, you can focus on tailoring a message that highlights your unique benefits. Finally, just like you ask candidates what their respective strengths and weaknesses are, you have to determine what the pros and cons of working for your organization are from a candidate’s perspective.

You have to know why employees want to work for you before you can sell them your brand. Present your company as an industry leader, offer market-leading compensation, and provide transparent promotion opportunities during the interview process.


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