Cultivate Work-Life Balance for Improved Mental and Physical Health

Cultivate Work-Life Balance for Improved Mental and Physical Health

A better work-life balance benefits both employees and organizations. From an organizational point of view, it helps improve retention rates, productivity, loyalty, and motivation of the workforce. For employees, having more symmetry between work and life can improve mental and physical health. A growing number of business leaders are encouraging employees to participate in wellness programs and use their paid time off on a regular basis. As biotech recruiters, we understand that everybody’s situation is unique. Here are some things that you should try to cultivate work-life balance in the new year.

Make Health a Top Priority

There are always going to be professional variables that you have no control over in your career. Maintaining good physical and emotional health is one thing that you can manage. It’s important for long-term success and can also help to reduce depression and anxiety. So, deliberately set some personal time aside for yourself and family, and keep doing the other hobbies that are important to you, like exercising, reading, sports, etc.

Find Enjoyable Work

If you want to promote a better work-life arrangement, then you want to look for opportunities that not only meet your financial needs, but also your emotional requirements too. Maybe that means looking for more workplace flexibility or remote work opportunities. It may mean gaining access to excellent health coverage that minimizes health-related stress. Whatever it means to you, just be sure to make those factors a priority in your job search. Recruiters in the biotech and pharmaceutical marketplace can be a valuable resource to help you find a position that you will be passionate about for years to come.

Unplug on a Regular Basis

Professional burnout and overworking are becoming common occurrences as the world stays connected now 24/7. It can be difficult to escape from work emails and texts even when you are away from work. If you’re starting to feel stressed out from all of your work-related obligations, then it’s probably a good time unplug and decompress. Don’t hesitate to delegate some responsibilities and take a vacation to unwind.

Set Realistic Goals

Most people who suffer from a lack of work-life balance usually have one thing in common – poor time management skills. Structure is the essential ingredient of good time management. Regularly review how much time you are dedicating to tasks before and after your workday. Then, determine if you can streamline any of your workload by completing similar tasks at the same time, a process referred to as batching. For instance, you can optimize your workflow, and save valuable time, by organizing your time better or leveraging different software and applications that automate certain processes.


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