The Swan Group are Executive Leaders with IT Recruiting Expertise

About The Swan Group

At THE SWAN GROUP, our goal is to ensure that each professional we place and each client we work with achieves a competitive advantage based upon our services. We are extremely effective in obtaining our goal. We make certain that each individual, to be interviewed by a client, is first engaged in an in-depth discussion of their skills, experience and career goals. Because of our intimate knowledge of our clients and the time spent getting to know our professionals, we can determine if the professional is a fit for the client’s corporate culture.

We utilize numerous resources, such as our extensive network, to help create perfect matches. We take pride in getting to know each organization very well in order to find ideal individuals for them. Likewise, we get to know the professionals that rely on our expertise and guide them towards the best fit for their individual career goals.

Our specialty is high level INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY placement within the Pharmaceutical, Bio-Pharmaceutical and Consumer Products industries. However, once we get to know the personality of an organization, we will recruit at all levels. The rapport that we have built with our client/partner companies is so deep; we are effective in helping fill any position. One of the ways to do this is to focus on building long-term relationships with everyone we work with. This comes naturally to us since we care about our business and making sure that we are fulfilling the needs of all involved.

Integrity Comes First

If we see that either a company or a professional will not be better off once the individual is hired, we will make sure that our thoughts are heard before the process comes to a close. We have been around too long and have too many great professionals and long-standing clients counting on us, that lowering our standards and jeopardizing our name is out of the question. Our business integrity is something we cherish.

Offer at placement ratio – within last year – 100%
Offer to placement ratio – within the last 5 years – 96.3%
Successfully filled 100% of engaged/exclusive searches in last 5 years

Our Commitment

Just as each professional is different, so is each position that we work on. This is why we take the individual approach and present one qualified candidate at a time for each position we are filling. This process allows our clients and partner companies’ hiring managers to give us adequate feedback on each profile. This will better help us serve the needs of our clients and give meaningful feedback to each professional we represent.