How to Use Great Onboarding to Improve Retention

How to Use Great Onboarding to Improve Retention

When you hire new talent, the last thing you want is for the new employee to quit shortly after they start. So, it’s imperative to develop an outstanding onboarding strategy will to improve retention of new hires. Here are some tips to use great onboarding to improve retention.

Incorporate Empathy into Your Strategy

Leaving a job to start a new one comes with a whole set of challenges. Even the most experienced professionals won’t know how the inner workings of the new company. They will need to adjust to the culture, learn the expectations, and get acquainted with an entirely new group of people. The first step to your onboarding strategy should be to understand these challenges. This will allow you to make the transition as smooth as possible for new hires.

Communicate Expectations Clearly

Starting a new job can be overwhelming. Employees need to figure out so many unknowns in a short period of time. The confusion and stress are two reasons employees might not last long in their new position. One thing that helps is to communicate expectations clearly. Tell them exactly what their duties will be and help them set goals. You also want to establish expectations for the onboarding process. How long will the process last? What will the process involve? Knowing the goals and parameters will help set them at ease.

Fast-Track Training

New employees have a lot to learn. They need to learn the responsibilities of their role, the ins and outs of the company’s culture and the workplace politics, and the organization’s policies and goals. You want them to learn quickly so they feel like they belong. If they’ve been with the company a few months and still feel lost, they won’t want to stick around. You should provide new employees with pertinent information right away, provide them with a mentor, and provide consistent and immediate training.

Give Them Opportunities to Socialize

Another reason new employee leave is because they feel like outsiders. No one wants to come to work every day if they feel alone. Help new hires feel like they are part of the team. You should introduce them to the other employees they will work closely with right away and encourage your team to support their new team member. You should also provide opportunities for the team to socialize, such as a lunch outing. You want the new employee to feel comfortable with their coworkers so they can work successfully together.

A thoughtful onboarding strategy will help new hires start of on the right foot. If you can make them feel like they belong and give them the knowledge and resources they need to perform their role, you can ensure they have a smooth transition. Ultimately this will improve retention of new hires.


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