6 Tips to Use Exceptional Leadership to Motivate the Team and Improve Longevity

6 Tips to Use Exceptional Leadership to Motivate the Team and Improve Longevity

Providing employees with competitive salaries, benefits, and career growth opportunities are effective ways to improve retention. But you cannot forget about the impact leadership has on employee morale. Poor management is one of the most common reasons why talented professionals start searching for better opportunities. Below are six tips to use exceptional leadership to motivate the team and improve longevity.

1. Spread Positivity

Leaders who model a positive work ethic help inspire team members to do the same. Their positivity is obvious and can also be contagious. On the flip side, it usually doesn’t take long for a leader’s negative attitude to spread throughout an organization. So, making a daily commitment to having a positive outlook will pay off in the long run.

2. Encourage Cohesiveness

Too many businesses make the mistake of assuming that team cohesiveness is something that occurs naturally. But it takes a truly exceptional leader to encourage collaboration and group cohesion, so everyone stays committed to meeting their goals.

3. Become a Role Model

Effective leaders aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to get things done alongside their employees. This is a strong trait that successful leaders have in common.

4. Establish Positive Rapport

Building good relationships and making employees feel appreciated are both essential to retaining a talented roster. Offer feedback, show your employees that you care about their lives, and always have an “open-door” policy so they feel comfortable coming to you for help.

5. Help Employees Share Ideas

Employee longevity is significant because their skills account for 85% of an organization’s assets. Make sure your employees are given the support they need to share innovative ideas and creative ways to solve problems. You never know what kind of solutions your team will come up with when given the chance.

6. Leadership Development

A growing concern is the number of organizations that don’t have leadership development plans in place. If employees see that that there are limited opportunities for career growth and success in an organization, they are more likely to consider other options.

Bad bosses can present themselves in a variety of different ways too. There are those who lack integrity and just play it safe to keep their high salaries and benefits. They fail to stand up for the members of their team, so they suffer from high turnover. Then, there are leaders who suffer from a superiority complex. Employees morale and engagement plummets because nobody feels appreciated. Finally, there are micromanagers too focused on the bottom line who suffocate their employees.

The saying goes that people don’t quit a job, they quit their boss. It’s more than a slogan because surveys continue to indicate that poor management is the number one reason why most employees voluntarily leave their jobs. Employees will not hesitate to quit when leadership remains poor. It doesn’t take long for a bad manager to destroy a good staff. That’s why hiring decisions at this level are crucial for motivating the team and improving longevity.


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