Episode 7

Patients Benefiting from Technology with Christopher J Kouzios

The intersection of healthcare and technology paves the way for revolutionary patient care, shaping the future with precision and personalization. Today, the spotlights are on how getting data ready for AI applications is changing the game in healthcare.

I’m thrilled to welcome Christopher J Kouzios, the Principal Owner of Kooz Technologies, an expert in leveraging technology for healthcare innovation, to the show.

We discuss how essential clean, organized data is to the success of AI in healthcare—right down to the personal impact it can have on patient care.

Christopher sheds light on the challenges and solutions in data management, the implementation of AI across various healthcare services, and the nuances of enhancing patient care through technology without compromising the human element in medicine.

Don’t miss out—tune in to hear how data is driving the future of patient care and the steps we can take to ensure its governance and quality.

Specifically, this episode highlights the following themes:

  • The evolving landscape of healthcare technology, including telehealth and wearable devices
  • Leadership and team development in the age of technological advancement
  • Strategies for protecting and managing patient data in the context of outsourcing and global access restrictions

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==== Time Stamps ====

00:00 – Introduction 

00:32 – About Christopher J Kouzios

06:12 – Balancing data security in AI-driven organizations

09:22 – Discussions on AI implementation and business perception

11:58 – Primary use case: automation and number crunching

15:29 – Telehealth enables convenient access to healthcare services

17:52 – Telehealth, IoT, VR, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, xenobots

22:06 – Identifying unique selling points and competitive advantages

24:39 – Recognize team advocacy and leadership skills

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