Episode 5

Getting Data Ready for AI Applications with Elisabeth Schwartz

The impact of AI on data management, particularly in the realm of biotechnology, is undeniable. It has fundamentally transformed how we approach and utilize vast amounts of data in this field.

Joining me is Elisabeth Schwartz, the IT Head at Phathom, to explore the crucial task of preparing data for AI applications and the hurdles we face in ensuring its reliability.

Elisabeth brings a wealth of firsthand experience to the table, having navigated the intricate intersection of data and AI in biotech. She offers practical advice that industry professionals can use to fine-tune their data for optimal AI utilization.

So, don’t miss out! Tune in, grab those industry insights, and let’s stay ahead in the fast-evolving landscape of technology.

Specifically, this episode highlights the following themes:

  • Importance of data quality in AI applications
  • Challenges faced by smaller companies in AI implementation
  • The testing process for AI systems

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==== Time Stamps ====

00:00 – Introduction 

05:54 – Smaller company prefers vendors over specific experts

07:36 – Data processing and computational power are crucial

10:30 – Unsure about AI’s use in data analysis

13:53 – Government regulations affecting the company’s security reporting

16:59 – Importance of diverse data sources for business

20:36 – Companies rely on individuals with diverse skills


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