Episode 3

Data Protection in AI Adoption with Bob McCowan

A revolution in biotechnology is underway, with artificial intelligence at its core, but the fervor over AI adoption brings with it pressing concerns about data protection that cannot be overlooked.

In this episode, I’m joined by Bob McCowan, Chief Information Officer at Regeneron, to navigate the crossroads of AI development and data security. We dissect the lifeblood of AI efficacy – the quality of input data – and explore how organizations can create a sanctuary for innovation while preventing data breaches.

Bob brings a wealth of experience to the table, revealing how AI serves as a copilot for human ingenuity. We also delve into fostering a culture that accepts failure as a part of innovation and the need for strategic training within enterprises.

This conversation brings to light pivotal strategies for integrating AI securely and effectively. Join us to uncover practical insights and prepare your organization for the future of biotech.

Specifically, this episode highlights the following themes:

  • The critical role of data quality and leadership in AI implementation
  • Building the right environment for AI adoption and the importance of learning from failure
  • Data protection and intellectual property safeguarding in the age of advanced analytics

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==== Time Stamps ====

00:00 – Introduction┬á

05:21 – Leverage AI for productivity gains across the organization

09:33 – Apply AI/ML for imaging analysis

10:28 – Exploring deep analytics for scientific and business applications

15:57 – Quantum computing is a potential game-changer

18:32 – Architected with guardrails, monitoring, prioritize risk prevention

20:41 – Scientists propose theoretical research, AI is a tool

25:09 – Research and utilize data effectively for progress

26:51 – Internet content requires healthy skepticism and verification

32:18 – Embrace failures, create your own learning journey

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