Episode 14

Looking at an Old Paradigm through a Different Lens with Nathan McBride

As companies evolve, the structuring and management of data become critical for scalability and efficiency. Failure to prioritize this can hinder the adoption of advanced technologies like machine learning.

Nathan McBride, Senior Vice President of IT at Xilio Therapeutics, Inc., joins me today to explore the intricacies of effective data structuring and the critical need to prepare for scalability. We touch on how to harness machine learning and natural language processing in collaborative platforms. 

Nathan and I dive deep into rethinking traditional IT structures and the role of employee experience in shaping a company’s success. 

Get ready for insights that could redefine how you approach technology and data management in today’s fast-paced biotech environment.

Specifically, this episode highlights the following themes:

  • The critical role of data management in scalability and efficiency.
  • Strategic approaches to adopting generative AI and handling unstructured data.
  • The impact of employee lifecycle management on business outcomes.

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==== Time Stamps ====

00:00 – Introduction
01:21 – About Nathan McBride

10:22 – Microsoft is moving towards web-based office suites

11:42 – Options for browser management and security strategies

14:44 – IT leaders are driven by FOMO fear

20:39 – Plan for GenAI and prompt queries

23:24 – Tech industry not helping, global push for AI

27:47 – Expecting dedication, self-improvement, and challenge from employees

32:54 – New world for data scientists in human data

36:10 – Eliminate HR, create new function for experience

38:34 – Rethinking HR’s role in decentralization and cybersecurity

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