Episode 13

Back to Basics with Pasqual Zottola

The quality of leadership and innovation in biotechnology is experiencing a significant transformation.

Joining me today is Pasqual Zottola, Vice President of Information Technology at Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. We talk about how integrating advanced technological solutions and standout leadership principles leads to sustainable success in biotech.

Pasqual shares his personal journey, emphasizing the importance of foundational values and a transparent leadership style.

We also touch on critical aspects such as employee retention, the pivotal role of communication, and how technology like AI and data analytics are shaping the future of biotech.

If you’re aiming to gain authentic insights into the intersection of leadership, technology, and biotech industry best practices, this is one conversation you shouldn’t miss!

Specifically, this episode highlights the following themes:

  • Leadership principles and their impact on corporate ethos and decision-making
  • The role of innovative technology in shaping the future of biotechnology
  • Strategies for sustaining employee satisfaction and promoting organizational growth

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==== Time Stamps ====

00:00 – Introduction
06:34 – Valuing and developing long-term team members is crucial

09:29 – Accept that some employees may outgrow organization

10:35 – Choosing career path based on skills and experience

15:42 – Transparent, comprehensive onboarding process for new hires

16:50 – People are not being straightforward in roles

20:45 – Educating on principles and values is helpful

24:23 – Evaluate changes based on organizational value and growth

27:40 – Promote no hero mode, plan and communicate

29:43 – Recognition thrives on crisis but not success

33:34 – Organizational culture begins with CEO

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