What Top Candidates Are Looking for And How to Attract Them

What Top Candidates Are Looking for And How to Attract Them

Candidates in the IT field look for more than just money when they job hunt. They want a job that gives them a sense of autonomy and allows them to get ahead on the learning curve. If companies want to attract the best talent, they need a compelling story and create a culture that empowers employees. Here are some of the things top candidates are looking for and how to attract them.


The best candidates don’t want jobs they find boring or unfulfilling. If you allow your employees to have a fair amount of autonomy, you will attract better talent. The more control people have over their work, the happier they are; the work becomes more meaningful. Autonomy also improve engagement and motivation. When employees feel like they have a purpose, they want to come to work and perform their best. Instead of micromanaging employees, trust them to get the job done.

Learning Opportunities

Sometimes, companies hire candidates for what they know. But if you want to find star employees, hire people who desire to learn. The best candidates are eager to learn new skillsets. They want to be the best and are willing to push themselves out of their comfort zones to improve. Star candidates usually don’t already know the job role perfectly. Employees who know everything will become bored by the end of the first month. Top candidates want the work to be challenging for them because they want the work to be engaging.

How to Attract Star Candidates?

If you want to attract exceptional candidates, you need a compelling story. You need a story that connects with people, centered on values shared by top talent, such as philanthropy, freedom, independence, and education. You need to create and maintain a sense of autonomy and empowerment and continuously teach your employees new skills, while celebrating their accomplishments and building them up. The key is to be consistent. You want to communicate common values and objectives on your website, in your job advertisements, during interviews, and in the day-to-day operations of your company.

In IT, the best candidates look for jobs that will advance them on the learning curve. These candidates are motivated to succeed, so they want to find work that will challenge them and help them grow. These candidates also look for jobs that provide them with autonomy. You need to brand your company as one that encourages independence and self-improvement if you want to attract star candidates.


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