Episode 11

Garbage In, Garbage Out: Science, Data, Technology with Jonathon Hill

Science isn’t just about discovery; it’s about doing it right to ensure reliability and validity.

Joining me is Jonathon Hill, an epitome of a scientist, educator, innovator, and the Co-founder and Vice President of Science and Technology at Wasatch Biolabs. Although trained initially as a premed, Jonathon’s professional journey took a deep dive into genetics, focusing on genetic regulation and stem cell biology, and now making significant strides in epigenetic diagnostics and treatments.

We talked about cutting-edge work on DNA targeting and data selection using AI which redefines efficiency and cost-effectiveness in biotechnological applications. We also explore the crucial role of scalability when moving from laboratories to markets and discuss Wasatch Biolabs’ unique partnership with academia to propel future scientific innovations.

If you’re fascinated by how meticulous data handling transforms biotech research and development, tune in to hear Jonathon Hill shed light on these pivotal processes and more.

Specifically, this episode highlights the following themes:

  • The critical role of accurate data collection in scientific research
  • Integration of technology and traditional biology to enhance research efficiency
  • Transitioning academic research techniques to commercial scalability

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==== Time Stamps ====

00:00 – Introduction 

06:40 – Technology’s impact on efficiency and cost savings

07:39 – Accelerating research, reducing costs, and increasing diversity

11:10 – Identify, analyze, and scale important DNA features

16:27 -New, cutting-edge technology impacting the world

17:32 – Students eager for research, launching biotech companies

21:11 – Integrate data for better research outcomes

24:29 – Scientists collaborate for effective drug diagnosis partnership

27:01 – Praising incubator concept, recommends partnership for business

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