5 Ways to Make a Stellar Impression in Your Job Interview

5 Ways to Make a Stellar Impression in Your Job Interview

Making a positive impression in your job interview should be your top priority so that you have the best chance of landing the job if you truly feel it’s a good fit. Yet, there are plenty of common mistakes you could make that cause hiring managers to question if you’re the right choice. Avoid some common mistakes and focus on selling your skills for the job in some of the following ways. Below are five ways to make a stellar impression in your job interview.


Investigate the company, the hiring manager, and even current or former employees before your interview. Researching will put you in a stronger position than attempting to improvise along the way. It will increase your confidence, give you some ideas about what exactly the job entails, and will stimulate ideas for questions you can ask during the interview. Don’t automatically assume that it will be a traditional one-on-one interview. Ask about the format of the interview as well as an agenda. Some hiring managers may choose to use a panel interview or integrate some kind of assessment during your visit. Knowing what to expect will allow you to be better prepared. Always review the company’s website along with any other social media accounts they maintain. Websites like Glassdoor can also provide some valuable insights about salaries, employee reviews, etc. Making a stellar impression starts with confidence, and the more knowledge that you gain about an organization’s history and mission, the more trust they will have in your abilities.


If research and confidence go hand in hand, then so do practice and effective communication. Prepare for questions like “tell me about yourself.” Pay close attention to the pace of your speech. Speak clearly and avoid using filler words like “uh.” Even though you might not be able to control what questions you are asked, you are in command of your tone, body language and appearance.

Dress for Success

Unless otherwise noted, always opt for professional attire and ensure that it’s clean and wrinkle free. Underdressing is an easy mistake to avoid. If you’ve purchased some new clothing, don’t forget to remove the tags. Dress up a level instead of down a level so your attire helps to communicate that you take the opportunity seriously.

Stay Focused

Give direct examples of past success when answering questions. Focus on providing specific statistics when appropriate instead of general statements. Also, make sure not to ramble on when answering questions. It should be a natural back and forth conversation. Ask questions that show your achievements while also showing that you are curious and knowledgeable about the company and role.

Remember the Details

Be sure not to interrupt the interviewer. Listen attentively, make eye contact, and shake hands before and after the interview. Finally, always ask if they have any concerns about your work experience or skills and inquire about the next steps in the process.


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