Attract and Retain Top Talent for Your Organization

Attract and Retain Top Talent for Your Organization

Within the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, attracting and retaining high-quality IT talent should always be a priority. Companies need the best professionals on their IT team to exceed their goals and succeed in the competitive marketplace. Here are some tips to attract and retain top talent for your organization.


One of the first steps to attract the talent you need is to accurately convey your company’s mission and vision. In addition, you have to communicate what your organization has to offer new employees. Candidates want to feel like they belong at in an organization, so it helps when they know that their values and goals align with the company’s.


Job seekers look for companies that have a great culture—a culture that encourages growth and provides positive affirmation. They also want a culture that is fun and flexible. Think about what employees seek in a career. Most professionals want a healthy work-life balance, to work in an environment that demonstrates strong leadership, and career development opportunities. Build your organization’s culture around your employees’ satisfaction. Many companies focus on what candidates and employees can provide them, but the most successful companies focus on how their organizations can benefit their employees.


One of the keys to retention is to have a solid onboarding process. You need new employees to have the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to succeed in their new role, but you also need them to feel comfortable and safe. A great onboarding process is also fun. It doesn’t overwhelm the new hires by providing excessive detail. It is also a great idea to set up new employees with a mentor and to make introductions across the different divisions within the company. Another important aspect of onboarding is setting expectations. Communicate to new employees exactly what is expected of them in their day-to-day job activities.


Retention often comes down to employee engagement. The main reason employees leave is because they don’t find their manager or their work environment engaging enough. To make a job engaging, you have to establish autonomy. Employees want to feel like they have control over the work they perform. They don’t want to constantly feel like they’re being micromanaged or left out with no communication from leadership. Providing regular feedback and encouragement and having fun perks and benefits can also contribute to higher employee engagement.

An organization can only reach its full potential when they have a team that is diverse and highly skilled. In the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, it is important to attract and retain IT talent by creating a strong employee brand, cultivating a supportive company culture, onboarding new hires, and making the work engaging.


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