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Mental Health Awareness Month at Work, Hiring in a High-Inflation Low Budget World

Mental Health Awareness Month in the Workplace

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a crucial time to prioritize employee well-being. Studies show strong mental health benefits boost employee morale and retention.

Actionable Tips for Employers:

  • Go beyond the basics: While health insurance with mental health coverage is essential, consider these additional initiatives:
    • Peer Support Programs: Connect employees with lived experience to offer guidance and support.
    • Wellness Events: Organize community events or lunch-and-learns on mental health topics.
    • Resource Corner: Create a dedicated space with mental health resources and information.
    • Gratitude Wall: Encourage positive emotions with a space for employee appreciation.
    • Quiet Zones: Designate areas for relaxation and stress reduction.

Employee Engagement: Share your company’s Mental Health Awareness Month activities and ask for reader feedback: “How does your company celebrate Mental Health Month?”

Secure 2.0: A Retirement Savings Boost for Young Employees

The recently passed SECURE 2.0 Act empowers employers to invest in young talent. This act allows employers to contribute to employee 401(k) plans when they make student loan payments.

Benefits Matter: Offering a competitive benefits package, including retirement savings support, is crucial in attracting and retaining top talent, especially during a “retirement crisis“.

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Hiring Challenges in a High-Inflation Economy

The current economic climate presents unique hiring challenges. Job seekers have high salary expectations due to inflation, while companies grapple with tighter hiring budgets. A recent CareerBuilder/HR Brew survey highlights these discrepancies.

Finding the Perfect Fit: Despite these challenges, effective hiring strategies still exist. The Swan Group tailors solutions to each client’s specific needs, ensuring successful placements.

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