Why Should You Take a Recruiter’s Call?

Why Should You Take a Recruiter’s Call?

Whether you’ve thought about working with a pharmaceutical recruiter in the past or it’s something that’s never crossed your mind, if a recruiter calls you – take the call and hear them out. You don’t have anything to lose. You have a better chance of finding a position that suits your needs and qualifications working with a recruiter than trying to find the perfect position on your own. Here’s why you should take a recruiter’s call even if you’re not looking for a job.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

A recruiter will know about job opportunities that aren’t listed on job boards or company websites. Without talking with a recruiter who specializes in pharmaceuticals, you would never even know these opportunities existed. Companies who are using a search firm don’t make critical job openings public knowledge. Some of the roles will be a much better fit for you than what you would find on a job board. Recruiters are looking for just the right talent to fill mission-critical positions. They’re on the hunt for candidates who have the right qualifications and motivations, and they seek to form long-term relationships between their clients and candidates. If you want to learn about these unlisted job opportunities, the first step is to talk to a recruiter.

Learn About the Marketplace

A recruiter who specializes in pharmaceuticals will have an abundance of insight and knowledge about employment trends in the industry. They can provide you with a snapshot of the marketplace in your area of expertise. If you stay in touch with the recruiter, they can help you navigate your job search and learn more about specific companies and their needs. Working with a recruiter can help you stay current on trends and help you stand out in a crowded candidate pool. Even if you’re not looking for a job, a recruiter can be an amazing resource for you in your career.

Recruiters Help with Negotiations

A good recruiter will assist you with salary negotiations. Even though recruiters work for the company, they want to see you attain the salary that matches your professional market value. Their reputations hinge on creating long-term marriages between candidates and client companies. Recruiters understand you will likely get other opportunities, so they’re not going to advise clients to send lowball offers. This isn’t productive or cost-efficient. Recruiters want negotiations to be fair so that both parties are happy.

In your search to find a job that fits your professional qualifications, working with a recruiter can be the key to finding just the right opportunity. Recruiters can inform you of job opportunities that aren’t public knowledge, keep you updated on marketplace trends, and help with salary negotiations, among other things. So, the next time a recruiter calls you, consider picking up the phone. You don’t have anything to lose (it’s confidential), and a lot to gain.


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