Tim Tolan, CEO of The Tolan Group, Featured in Grow from Acorns


Tim Tolan, CEO of Sanford Rose Associates® – The Tolan Group, Featured in Grow from Acorns, How Long Is Too Long to Stay at a Company?

By: Mindy Charski

Plano, TX | 6/15/2018

Millennials have a reputation for job hopping. But our generation may be more loyal than we thought.

While the average worker between 25 and 34 stays put for 2.8 years, Pew researchers discovered as many as 22 percent of millennials in 2016 had been with their employer at least five years. And a Qualtrics-Accel Partners survey found nearly 90 percent of millenials would agree to stay in a job for 10 years if they knew it offered annual raises and upward mobility.

When you’re ready to interview for new jobs, Tim Tolan, CEO of executive search firm The Tolan Group, recommends addressing the long tenure first, rather than waiting to be asked, so you can explain how you benefited by sticking around.

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