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2 01, 2013

The Coaching Challenge

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As one responsible for a business’ profitability, I never seem to have the time to coach my people consistently. They have such a limited attention span that I get the feeling, especially with my veterans, that they aren’t really into learning anyway. How do I find the balance and [...]

27 08, 2012

Are You Too Essential at Your Job? Featuring Mitch Ellis, Managing Director Sanford Rose Associates® – St. Louis

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Published in The Workbuzz on CareerBuilder By Debra Auerbach It’s nice to feel valued by your boss. It’s especially rewarding to be told by her that you’re so good at what you do, you’ve become indispensible. You know you’re lucky to have job security, so you don’t want to complain. [...]

25 04, 2012

Continuous Advancement and Perpetual Growth

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One of the strongest value propositions a leader can give to an employee is the ability for that individual to perpetually grow in all dimensions. Obvious dimensions include professionally as well as personally, but do not overlook the importance of financial, mental, and spiritual growth as well. In nature, [...]