President of The Smith Consulting Group, Juli Smith, Featured in GoodCall


President of The Smith Consulting Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Juli Smith, Featured in GoodCall, 40% of Women Engineering Students Earning Degrees Quit or Never Enter the Field, MIT Study Finds

Dallas, 9/22/2016

Engineering remains one of the highest-paid fields requiring only a bachelor’s profession, and much has been done to try to open the field to more women. But a recent study at MIT shows that 40% of women who earn engineering degrees either quit or never enter the field.

Juli Smith, president of the Smith Consulting Group, which specializes in civil engineering and IT, tells GoodCall that she’s spoken with many women engineers and the reasons for leaving the profession often vary by age. “Many experienced women hit the ‘good ‘old boy’ glass ceiling, rarely making it into the executive suite; they become disenchanted and they get into other careers.”

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