President of Simply Driven Executive Search, Kent Burns, Featured in Fast Company


President of Simply Driven Executive Search A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Kent Burns, Featured in Fast Company, How Cold Showers And Tough Mudders Can Make You Better At Your Job

Plano, TX 2/7/2017

By Stephanie Vozza

Standing barefoot in the snow. Soaking in a tub of icy water. Taking a plunge in a cold lake. These things sound really uncomfortable and a little crazy, right? But investigative journalist Scott Carney says a regular habit of any of them can improve your health and reduce your stress.

Comfort isn’t inherently bad, says Kent Burns, president of Simply Driven, an executive search firm. “What’s bad is the worship of comfort,” he says. “Candidly, most humans, especially Americans, literally make an idol of their own comfort. Comfort then becomes a master that we serve at the expense of other important things. To grow and realize our potential, we need an outside force, and events like Polar Plunges and Tough Mudders serve that purpose, forcing people to confront obstacles and their own limitations.”

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