Peg Newman, Managing Partner of SRA – Newman Group, Featured in GoodCall


Peg Newman, Managing Partner of Sanford Rose Associates® – Newman Group, Featured in GoodCall, Temporary Jobs on the Rise Among College Graduates, But Is This Good or Bad?

Dallas, TX 6/9/2016

According to a new study, close to 3 million people work in temporary jobs and the number of temporary employees is projected to continue growing. Temporary workers may be contract or freelance workers, or they may be intermittent or seasonal workers.

College graduates who like the idea of working on a temporary basis might be interested in a new report by CareerBuilder and Emsi, which recently analyzed data from over 100 national and state sources to compile a list of the fastest-growing temporary jobs.

Peg Newman, founder and managing partner of Sanford Rose Associates Executive Search in Salt Lake City, says there are even more benefits to hiring temporary workers. “The company has access to a broader range of skills than ever before for projects, and they’re paying for the project – not for a staff member.”

For temporary workers, undoubtedly, the greatest benefit is flexibility. Newman says that these employees have time to tend to personal and family situations. “And add to that the number of millennial candidates interested in experience for the sake of experience – and are more interested in having access to a variety of employers through an agency than being attached to one industry or employer.”

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