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I hope you’re enjoying this segue into summer. As the flowers and trees bloom everywhere here in the tri-state area (thanks to all the rain we are having!), it is also a good time to think about how your organization is blooming and growing.

In this month’s newsletter, I discuss how to take advantage of vocal employees, the technology that can help you right-size your office space, and the art of finding the right people for your organization.

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Lassoing Your Employee Champions on Social Media

As they say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. That’s what employers are finally realizing when it comes to employees who dish about their jobs on social media. Thus, the rise of “in-house influencers,” employees with a natural flair for sharing on social who are being groomed by their employers to blab — ideally about their great experience at work.

I read a recent Forbes article about one recruiter who started a career advice podcast and was encouraged by her employer, Intuit, to keep posting. They see her podcast as a grassroots bit of authenticity that lends street-cred to their brand as an employer.

Of course, companies that encourage their employees to talk about their job experience on social also run the risk of hearing negative critique, but for some companies, it’s worth it in an age when people turn to TikTok for “real-life content” and have gotten fed up with the glossy image both people and brands have always tried to sell on other platforms.

Obviously, there’s a limit. As a Principal of an IT recruitment firm, I’d be remiss in encouraging you to post indiscriminately about your job to your public fans and followers. But for both employer brands and employees, this type of transparency definitely has its place in modern recruiting.

Right-Sizing Your Office Space

Say you want to downsize your office space. More people are working from home, and conference rooms are sitting empty. But… are they?

There’s one good way to find out: with thermal sensors. The tech company Butlr helps companies place and track thermal sensors throughout the office space to get real data on office traffic and usage.

For one company in London hoping to consolidate from three floors to two, Butlr proved that people were using conference rooms for privacy and concentration purposes, not meetings. By reconfiguring, the company was able to provide its employees with more, smaller privacy areas to save space and better serve the needs of the workforce.

This is just one example of how proactive companies can tech advantage of technology to better serve their human workers.

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How to Find the Right People for Your Organization

Walmart now offers its employees free pickleball access across the US. Worried your company can’t keep up with extravagant benefits like this?

You may have a more modest compensation offering or a smaller benefits budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t attract the best talent. At the end of the day, people are attracted to jobs that will add meaning to their lives — whether or not they get to play free pickleball on their lunch break.

If you’re having trouble finding the right talent, reach out today.

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