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Gratitude, Middle Management, & Hiring Hacks

Q4 is upon us, a busy season filled with holiday cheer and pressing deadlines. It’s also a time for reflection and gratitude. Here at The Swan Group, we believe in taking a moment to appreciate our team and explore best practices for employee retention and hiring success.

The Power of Appreciation:

The holiday season is a natural time to express gratitude to your employees. A simple, heartfelt message of thanks can go a long way in boosting morale and fostering a positive work environment. Consider these examples, but personalize the message to resonate with your team:

  • “We are incredibly grateful for your dedication and hard work throughout the year. Your contributions are invaluable to our success.”
  • “As we head into the holidays, we want to take a moment to say thank you for everything you do. We appreciate your commitment and enthusiasm.”
  • “Our team is our greatest asset, and we’re thankful for each and every one of you. Enjoy a well-deserved break this holiday season!”

Supporting Your Middle Managers:

A recent Glassdoor report highlights a concerning trend: declining morale among middle managers. Given their critical role in connecting with frontline employees, it’s essential to address this issue.

Here are some actionable tips on supporting your middle managers:

  • HR Intervention: Partner with HR to assess workloads and ensure a fair distribution of hiring and recruitment responsibilities.
  • Recognition: Acknowledge the efforts of your middle managers both publicly and privately.
  • Consider Outsourcing: Recruiting firms like The Swan Group can alleviate hiring pressure on your middle managers by handling screening and candidate selection processes.

Combating Resume Fraud:

Research suggests that resume dishonesty is surprisingly prevalent, even among high-earning professionals with advanced degrees. Common areas for fabrication include education and experience.

Here’s how to safeguard your hiring process:

  • Background Checks: Background checks remain an essential tool for verifying candidate information.
  • Partner with a Recruiter: Recruiting firms like The Swan Group invest significant time in vetting candidates before recommending them to clients. This in-depth approach minimizes the risk of hiring someone who has misrepresented their qualifications.

Additional Resources:

By expressing gratitude, supporting your middle managers, and implementing strong hiring practices, you can create a positive and productive work environment that fosters employee retention and success throughout the year, not just during the holiday season.

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