From Vision to Communication: Traits of a Great Leader

From Vision to Communication: Traits of a Great Leader

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries require leaders who can drive success. The best leaders know how to communicate well, motivate and support their team members, and can see the big picture. Here are some of the traits of a great leader.

Sees the Big Picture and the Small Details

Great leaders can see the big picture, as well the small details; they see both the forest and the trees. Leaders need to have a clear vision and be able to communicate that vision to the team. They need to be able to look to the future while seeing all the small steps and details that will allow the team to make long-term goals a reality.

Communicate Effectively

Great leaders have to be excellent communicators. They need to keep their cool and communicate calmly to their team. They can’t rattle their team, because that negatively effects both morale and the company’s image. The way you communicate verbally and nonverbally with individual team members should show genuine compassion and investment. You want your team to feel comfortable approaching you with questions or advice.

Stands by Their Team

The best leaders stand by their team and always show support. They don’t throw anyone under the bus or behave in ways that are petty. They see the team almost as family and will go to bat for them whenever needed. Employees need to feel that they have the respect and support of their manager. This builds trust. At the same time, great leaders also know how to take advantage of external talent when needed (for things such as commodities), and how to lean on internal talent for business-critical roles.

Stays Open-Minded About How People Can Contribute

Team members are the greatest asset a leader has. Leaders want a team that has a diverse range of skills and talents. Many leaders narrow in too much on the skills that landed each employee their roles. The reality is most people have hidden talents that they don’t always vocalize during interviews. Leaders should explore their team’s capabilities so they can optimize the talent of the team. They make it clear that they welcome the ideas of their team members and encourage them to make contributions in any way they can.

The best leaders find ways to maximize their team members’ talents, communicate in a way that promotes trust, show support and respect for the team, and see the full picture.


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