Cofounder of Blue Rock Search, Ruben Moreno, Featured in Knox News


Cofounder of Blue Rock Search – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Ruben Moreno, Featured in Knox News, WorkWise: ‘Scavenging’ for a person or organization

By: Mildred Culp

Plano, TX 11/15/2018

You might be a recruiter seeking a candidate, a salesperson seeking an unnamed prospect or a business owner seeking an unknown resource. If you’re job-hunting, the methods these professionals use may lead you to companies and contacts.

Obviously, getting a referral is the easiest method – when it works. You might also read articles about your industry to identify a contact or organization and/or you might utilize technology.

Technology may also be a primary door-opener. Ruben Moreno, who conducts 10 to 12 searches per week, is founding partner and HR practice leader at Knoxville’s Blue Rock Search LLC (, an HR executive search firm. “Through technology,” he says, we can get to the right talent pools very quickly.”

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