CEO of SRA® – The Tolan Group, Tim Tolan, Featured in Human Resource Executives


CEO of Sanford Rose Associates® – The Tolan Group, Tim Tolan, Featured in Human Resource Executives, Why Older Workers Are Now In Demand

By: Carol Patton

Plano, TX | 8/9/2018

It’s no surprise to the leaders of St. Luke’s Health System that an increasing number of its 15,000 employees throughout southern Idaho are approaching retirement. Like many employers, the health system monitors its changing workforce demographics. The question now is how to prevent all that experience and knowledge from walking out the door.

The Tolan Group, a national healthcare-recruiting firm in St. Augustine, Fla., is working with a behavioral-health organization that expects 500 of its 4,000 employees to retire by 2020. The company offers a pension, which, according to the company’s bylaws, can’t be collected if employees continue working past retirement age.

“They’ll get their pension and come to work for us and we’ll put them back in the same chair and do all the same payroll,” explains Timothy Tolan, the firm’s CEO and managing partner. “The first five are being enrolled . . . We’re paying for half of their healthcare and giving them a 401(k) and personal time off based on the number of hours worked.”

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