CEO of BrainWorks, Andy Miller, Featured in Body & More: 50+ Wellness


CEO of BrainWorks – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Andy Miller, Featured in Body & More: 50+ Wellness, Working For a Better Retirement

Plano, TX | 7/5/2017

By: Marilyn Kennedy Melia

No doubt you’ve heard: Many Baby Boomers will be delaying retirement, even after they’ve reached the age to receive Social Security benefits.

That message has been in the headlines ever since the economy cratered circa 2008, and unemployment rose, especially among males.

To be sure, the financial hit has been keeping many in the workforce longer than they once expected, and the bitterness of a lay-off lingers.

Many workers – even executives – are willing to forgot status for a lesser role within their field, says Andrew Miller, president of recruiting firm BrainWorks. “They have no problem going back to an individual contributor role because there is less stress, responsibility, and it creates a sense of freedom and enjoyment.”

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