Brian Haugh, President of Chicago Search Group, Featured in Accounting Today


Brian Haugh, President of Chicago Search Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in Accounting Today, Recruiting is Only Half the Battle

By: Sean McCabe

Plano, TX 4/6/2018

For all the effort firms put into the recruiting process, it is unfortunately only one part of the process. Once a firm has its recruits lined up, the focus then shifts to retaining them, keeping them professionally satisfied and (hopefully) securing a long-term talent bench for the firm.

“Outside of busy season, the concerns we hear pertain to cutthroat atmospheres, unpredictable schedules, and too much travel,” said Brian Haugh, president of recruiting firm Chicago Search Group. “The sacrifice to become a partner, which used to be the end goal, is no longer worth it to young people. Work/life balance is more important to young employees now, and they will leave [even] a respected Big Four firm to find it.”

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