What Companies Get Wrong About Hiring

What Companies Get Wrong About Hiring

Companies are doing more hiring than ever before, but not all hiring processes are equal. When you hire for a critical IT role in the pharmaceutical industry, you need a hiring process that allows you to attract and win over the best candidate, while also providing them with the resources they will need to succeed once they land the job. Here are some of the most common mistakes and what companies get wrong when hiring.

Using a Process That is Too Transactional

Some companies focus so much on numbers, metrics, and time frames that they lose sight of the fact that candidates are real people. You have to remember that we’re all human and that candidates have emotions you need to take into consideration. Empathy is an important part of the interview phase. You need to understand the talent so you can connect with them. Without this connection, you won’t be able to identify if they are the right fit for your company and you won’t be able to persuade them to accept your offer if you decide they’re the right fit. The goal should be to make the process feel more personal.

Rushing the Process

While taking too much time on hiring also has its drawbacks, rushing the process can be just as detrimental. Chances are if you speed through the hiring process, you will make a bad hiring decision. If this happens, the hiring process will be even more expensive and time-consuming. The key is to not wait until the last minute to start recruiting talent. You should constantly be searching for and interviewing talent. That way when you do have a role that urgently needs to be filled, you can make a hire quickly without having to rush through the process.

Engaging Multiple Recruiters

Working with an experienced recruiter can help make your hiring process more efficient but engaging with multiple recruiters is ineffective. Work with one good recruiter instead of several. You don’t want candidates to be flooded with calls from different recruiters about the same job because they will be turned off. They will think you are desperate, and no one wants to work for a company that is desperate. Engaging multiple recruiters will also make it harder to manage the influx of resumes you receive.

You need an effective recruitment process from the beginning. You need to be able to attract and identify the best talent and win them over right away. If you realize halfway through your hiring process that your recruitment strategies are ineffective, you may end up going back to people you talked to earlier in the process, but those people have likely already moved on. Avoiding these three common hiring mistakes will help you have a successful hiring process from the beginning.


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