The Human Element

Locating, interviewing and securing the very best talent is key to any great organization.  While they may be useful to leverage, they alone cannot accomplish the mission. No machine or software can ever replace the most critical element to winning the war on talent…


The process of hiring superior talent can be broken down into three segments and I would like to take a minute to bring to light exactly how THE HUMAN ELEMENT can make the difference. These three phases are:

  1. Talent Pool (sourcing)
  2. Interviewing (middle game)
  3. Offer (closing)

Talent Pool

Compiling the best possible pool of talent should go beyond just posting jobs and may take leveraging certain networks to uncover and reach passive candidates.  Once you have sourced the pool of candidates, it becomes about how to engage with them in a professional, confidential and ultimately successful manner. It requires a certain set of skills to be able to take a candidate (especially a passive candidate who is happily employed) and objectively get them to take interest in exploring an opportunity with a new company.  Technology alone just does not quite cut it when it comes to this critical first step of the hiring process.


The most important part of the interviewing process is communication. The neglect of THE HUMAN ELEMENT at this stage is to do yourself a disservice. Great communication is a sign of respect. Whether the interview went poor or well, it is critical to let candidates know where they stand, especially passive candidates. Be honest with them, if you are interviewing others, tell them. If something from their interview concerns you, tell them. Your respect and communication at this stage in the process is vital to building rapport and keeping your company in communication with the very best candidates.


At this point, you started with a wide net to generate (hopefully) an excellent pool of candidates, you have moved them through a compelling interview process where they have been tested for adequacy to do the job as well as cultural fit and now the impending offer is coming. Do not blow it!

Time and time again, I see clients who guess at where the offer should come in, they have no idea what is going on in the candidate’s head and they lack the communication to make sure that the best possible offer is extended and accepted. Whether it is the hiring manager or HR who is controlling a majority of the process, there should be intimate communication with the candidate at this stage. Candidates want to feel wanted and need to feel that they are being treated fairly. In fact, to take THE HUMAN ELEMENT one-step further, a third party recruiter can be an invaluable asset because they can access the candidate and their feelings and motivations on a level that the company simply cannot on their own. A recruiter’s primary job is to ensure THE HUMAN ELEMENT is strong throughout the entire process.

In a world where technology and costs savings are leaned on in the hiring process, THE HUMAN ELEMENT still reigns supreme. The value of attracting, interviewing and landing the best candidates in the world should never be underestimated. All other things being equal, THE HUMAN ELEMENT will push a candidate over the top and make your opportunity the preferred choice. THE HUMAN ELEMENT is your greatest weapon.

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