Article Featuring Peg Newman of Sanford Rose Associates – Salt Lake City

PRESS RELEASE Article Featuring Peg Newman of Sanford Rose Associates – Salt Lake City: “Superpowers Workers Wish They Had in the Office”

Dallas, TX | 3/3/2014
By Dawn Klingensmith, CTW Features

Getting ahead – or just getting by – in business is tough. In the Gotham that is Corporate America, evildoers run rampant and nice people with good ideas get beaten down all the time. Feeling besieged and powerless, the good workers of America start to do what’s only natural yet not at all productive: fantasize about having superpowers. At least, a select few did when prompted. Their chosen superpowers, the kind they imagined would help them succeed in business, ranged from funny to philosophical.

Some chose superpowers straight out of Marvel or DC Comics. Self-propelled flight would free up weary commuters and business travels from traffic jams and TSA lines; invisibility would allow them to spy on the competition.

Mindreading in various forms, from a B.S. detector to a thought balloon generator, was a popular choice. “I believe my job is to help people get what they need and want, but sometimes they don’t communicate all that well or can’t verbalize exactly what they need,” says Peg Newman, a managing partner in the Salt Lake City office of Sanford Rose Associates, a global executive search firm. “If I could read minds, they would get exactly what they want every time.”

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