Independence Day

Unbossing: How to Foster Employee Autonomy for Better Productivity

Hope this mid-summer check-in finds you kicking back in a comfy lounge chair with a cold refreshment and a soft breeze.

In honor of Independence Day, this newsletter will explore the concept of “unbossing” and how to foster employee autonomy for better productivity. We’ll discuss the importance of giving employees more freedom and encouraging them to take more time for themselves. Read on for valuable insights.

Empower Your Employees with Independence

Why Employee Independence Matters

Let’s discuss how to give your employees more independence and why it’s crucial. The latest HR buzzword is “unbossing,” which means empowering employees and teams to manage themselves. It emphasizes autonomy and flexibility in their work, without eliminating the role of a boss.

Giving employees the freedom to make decisions about their work — when, how, and where they do it — fosters a positive response to your leadership style. Micromanagement is outdated; empowering, hands-off management is the new norm.

Grant Employees More Freedom from Managers

The Reality Check

Ask managers how they’re doing, and they’ll likely give positive feedback. But ask their employees, and you might hear a different story. A recent Gallup survey highlights this disparity:

  • 72% of managers claim they respond to messages within 24 hours, but only 51% of employees agree.
  • 69% of managers believe they provide excellent feedback; only half of the employees concur.
  • 53% of managers consider themselves approachable, yet only 45% of employees agree.

The Solution

The takeaway? Managers need more training, and in some cases, companies need different managers. As a recruiter at The Swan Group, I can help you find managers who bridge the gap between employee expectations and managerial self-awareness.

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Encourage Your Employees to Take Time Off

The PTO Dilemma

Summertime is vacation time, yet 80% of employees don’t fully utilize their paid time off. This could be because many are “quiet vacationing” — taking “hush trips” without officially claiming vacation days. They’re staying on top of work from exotic locations or campsites.

The Fear Factor

A Resume Builder survey indicates that many employees are too nervous to take time off. Tiffany Slater, founder of HR TailorMade, notes that leaders often don’t take vacations themselves, sending the wrong message to their teams.

Lead by Example

Company culture starts at the top. If you’re in charge, the best thing you can do for your employees this summer is to take a vacation yourself. Show them that taking time off is valuable.

And if you need assistance with hiring, let’s discuss when you return.

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