David Patterson, President of The Kineta Group, Featured in Society for Human Resource Management


David Patterson, President of The Kineta Group – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in Society for Human Resource Management, Payoffs and Pitfalls of Working with Independent Contractors

Plano, TX | 11/29/2017

By: Lin Grensing-Pophal

Short-term talent is in high demand, and the ability to attract, hire and engage gig workers will be critical to companies’ success.

More than 55 million Americans work as independent contractors, according to the nonprofit Freelancers Union, a figure that has grown by 2 million over the last two years. Gig work can be an opportunity to polish skills in a particular area, noted Neil Shastri, leader of global insights and innovation at Aon Hewitt in New York City. For other workers, it’s a chance to break out of a strict 9-to-5 existence and gain more control over their schedule.

“Contractors often bring specialized skillsets to their roles as contingent workers which can be shared with their permanent employee counterparts,” said David S. Patterson, president/senior practice leader with The Kineta Group Inc., in Tampa, Fla. “It’s that in-demand knowledge that employers most seek these days. It is this sort of collaboration between the contingent and noncontingent workforces which will be the difference-maker for companies wanting to increase their relevancy in this global economy.”

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