David Hayes, President of HireMinds, Featured in GoodCall


David Hayes, President of HireMinds – A member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, Featured in GoodCall, Creative and Design Jobs of the Future Pushing Graphic and Web Design Aside

Dallas, TX | 6/23/2016

By Terri Williams

Technology continues to determine the jobs of the future. And that includes the creative and design industry. Not long ago, almost every company needed the services of a graphic designer or a web designer. And now, those are just two of the once-thriving professions experiencing stagnant or declining growth.

GoodCall spoke with two experts regarding these changes and how they affect college students majoring in or considering design and creative fields. According to David Hayes, president of HireMinds in Cambridge, Massachusetts, “Design has definitely changed over the years, and the current trend is toward ‘user experience’ – focused design vs. pure artistic design.”

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