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    April is a month of new beginnings - for taxes (ugh!), spring weather, and business quarters. It's also Stress Awareness Month! Prioritizing Employee Wellbeing: Employee mental health and well-being are crucial for retention and success. Consider offering benefits that address these needs, such as: Mental health benefits Subsidized fitness programs Flexible work arrangements Generous PTO [...]

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    My wish for you: A prosperous, gratifying and successful year ahead. Personally, my goal for this year is to help more clients find more talent, and to do my part to support your hiring goals.  Whether those goals include hiring leaders, increasing diversity, boosting company culture, finding hard-to-source talent or something else, get in touch. [...]

  • The pharmaceutical industry, a testament to human ingenuity, relies heavily on information technology (IT) to drive innovation and improve health outcomes. As pharmaceutical companies leverage IT for groundbreaking advancements, understanding the current IT employment landscape is crucial. Surging Demand for Pharmaceutical IT Professionals: The United States, a hub for pharmaceutical research, saw a significant increase [...]

  • In the ever-evolving landscape of pharmaceuticals, information technology (IT) has transcended its role as a support function. It's now a pivotal force propelling the entire life cycle of drug development and market delivery. IT integration has revolutionized data management, clinical trials, regulatory compliance, and more. From leveraging big data analytics for research breakthroughs to ensuring [...]

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